DEVA quality reflects two fundamental principles of CARE and INNOVATION.

We are committed to:

• Improve all production and distribution processes starting from R&D, in line with the sustainable and customer satisfaction oriented quality system requirements.

• Behave with an approach of customer-satisfaction patient, customers, employee and environment oriented.

• Enhance DEVA brand and its reputation, with support from its own knowledge, by providing a secure and ethical supply of products.

• Innovate our products, processes and management practices to enable our organization to continuously improve our service, our market share and to hold a competitive advantage.

• Produce our products in accordance with national/international quality standards, legal regulations and expectations of our stake holders.

The Quality System:

Our quality management system provides consistency throughout all of our production facilities as well as an operational procedure framework that ensures production under the best practices. This system also meets legal requirements and the international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. The quality management system includes risk management techniques and pragmatic implementations.

Our product quality is assured by our implementation of international GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) in production, quality control and comprehensive quality management.