Devatis Limited

Devatis Limited is a licensed pharmaceutical company in New Zealand. Being active since 2007 in New Zealand, the company was initially incorporated as DEVA Holdings NZ Ltd and amended its name as Devatis Limited as of March 20, 2017. Devatis Limited is 100% owned by DEVA Holding A.S. which is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey. Through DEVA Holding A.S., Devatis Ltd. is a part of globally active EastParma group companies. Having an enterprising and innovative attitude in the pharmaceutical market, DEVA Holding A.S. is active in several important territories all over the world. The essential aim is to make perfect quality medicines available for everyone. In this respect, DEVA is working devotedly at its EU-GMP and US FDA approved, state-of-art manufacturing facilities with approximately 2500 employees.